February 28, 2013

Mechanical Spider No 20 - AMechanicalMind

Mechanical Spider No 20
Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders (and actually scorpions too). I suffered from a very mild case of it, as most people usually do, up until one day about 5 years ago. I was helping to build an apartment for myself in my parent's house and we needed to string cable through the attic so that I would have internet access. Obviously internet > fear of spiders, so I went into the attic... to battle the 100+ years of spiders that had chosen that place as home since it was first built. I stuck it out and that cured me of my fear - until today. Nothing could prepare me for a mechanical spider like this one made by Justin Gershenson-Gates (DA's AMechanicalMind). Or maybe I've overcome arachnophobia only to develop mechanarachnophobia.

February 27, 2013

The Real of Isumi Saginomiya

The Real of Isumi Saginomiya
I know exactly one thing about the manga called Hayate, Combat Butler: that a friend of a friend of mine wants to cosplay it. So it goes without saying that Ayasaki Tennousu (DA's Riki-to) knows a lot more about it than I do. From the details it also says that Hayate is in this picture; I'm going to assume he is the boy on the left and not the surprised white tiger. You don't have to know anything about the manga to understand how powerful this girl is, it's in the aura around her and the look on the others' faces.

February 26, 2013

Bubbles Pop - Midori137

Bubbles Pop
So pretty. This surreal art is by Elizabeth Indoy (DA's Midori137). All I did was search for bubbles one day, and - after wading through a thousand photographs of a single blown bubble against a grassy background - this one came along. It's a watercolor painting. For those of you who don't know, or didn't remember like me, a watercolor has to be on a special kind of paper to prevent it from warping. And the special paper isn't enough, you also have to stretch it out a bit too. It makes sense if you've ever dropped a bit of water on a piece of paper and watched it crinkle up, but it's just one of those considerations you should know if you're going to be doing a certain kind of art.

February 25, 2013

The Iron Man - N0rks

The Iron Man
I'm always happy when I can find a picture that is part of a series because if you readers like the one I chose (and hopefully you do, always) then there are pretty good chances there will be a few more pieces you like. A lot of artists - in traditional media and in music too - tend to change their styles around, sometimes just for a change of pace and sometimes just because they are "growing"; often their audience just wants more of the same. And if you like this one, you'll like more of the same from Susan (DA's N0rks).

February 24, 2013

Black and White Violin - KessiR

Black and White Violin
I came to this piece in a pretty roundabout way. I was watching a video on Youtube, that was linked from another video. The video starred a girl I know as a musician, but she was acting in this video. So next I went to go watch some of her music videos (she's Lindsey Stirling, by the way) and I thought about why I love her music so much: because she's so active while she plays. You could never do that with a piano (one of the main reasons I quit playing that instrument) and it's still a challenge with a guitar or a lot of other instruments. The violin is pretty unique for it's fluid movement that also allows movement for the musician. I went looking through violin pictures on DA and found this piece by Cassandra Rink (DA's KessiR) that really exemplifies that freedom of movement.

February 23, 2013

Floods of Colour Branding - vsMJ

Floods of Colour Branding
I've always loved the idea of band t-shirts. They're great conversation starters and ways for strangers to connect with you. And when you find a fellow fan you have a ready-made conversation and fun times ahead. The major downfall is that a lot of bands have really uninteresting logos; the level of design in a band logo is far behind most logos for companies or other products. This makes sense because you usually like a band for their sound not their image, or at least not the image of their logo. It's pretty rare, but this logo from Michael Jimenez (DA's vsMJ) is what got me to listen to the band Flood of Colours, and not the other way around.

February 22, 2013

Raichu Gijinka Cosplay Pinafore Commission - DarlingArmy

Raichu Gijinka Cosplay Pinafore Commission
Yesterday's post about the outfit being the art got me thinking: I haven't done anything really weird in a while. I've done food as art and leather as art and jewellery as art, but that's a pretty small list in comparison to the majority of traditional pieces I've reviewed. Today's dress by Amanda Marin (DA's DarlingArmy) is weird for a couple of reasons. First, of course it's a dress. Clothing is often fashion but not very often is it art unless it's at a fashion show where it's so crazy that no one will ever really wear it. Second, it's a piece of Moe Anthropomorphism (or Gijinka, I just wanted a second chance to say Anthropomorphism in this blog) which means it's a product or character made to look human; in this case Raichu from Pokemon.

February 21, 2013

Vanellope Cosplay Wreck-It Ralph - Tenori-Tiger

Vanellope Cosplay Wreck-It Ralph
It's a gif! Or jif if you're a tech-history nerd. Either way it's super incredibly cute! It stars Aleksandra Bodler (DA's Tenori-Tiger). As an art blog I choose art to review, but what exactly is art is a tricky thing to pin down. In a world where you can have a hairstylist take a picture of a model and then have someone else edit that photo, when you review the final product, what are you really reviewing. In the future I may actually review gifs and youtube videos and whatever else the art world transitions into, but the point I want to make today is that I'm going to review the art of the outfit (that's why the link takes you to the artist's photo and not the gif)!

February 20, 2013

Vertical Blue - TanyaRW

Vertical Blue
Today's piece is an Encaustic artwork from Tanya Rogish (DA's TanyaRW). Encaustic is a form of art where you put wax over top of the finished piece. It's more in-depth than that, however that is my favourite part. My sister, Kelsi - who does a lot of jewellery and art - was the one who first introduced me to encaustic art and if she had a DA I would certainly showcase her work from time to time. Not out of familial bias but she is actually quite good. The best part about encaustic is how it feels when you rub your fingertips over its smooth surface; which unfortunately you can't to here, so let's discuss some other great aspects.

February 19, 2013

Zombama Returns - Pop-monkey

Zombama Returns
So yesterday was President's Day but I had no idea about it - we don't have Presidents up north, only Premiers and Kings and Queens and such. So in celebrating it today on the blog, I'm reviving it from yesterday... see what I did there? This post is about Zombama who apparently is a bit of a real thing. Not that there is a real Zombama walking around in the world but that there are other drawings and t-shirts and iterations of Zombama. This picture in particular was drawn by Jared Moraitis (DA's Pop-monkey) and it's a poster too, my favourite!

February 18, 2013

Salmon and Avocado Felt Sushi - Darkbutterfly137

Salmon and Avocado Felt Sushi
I was searching through art with today's keyword, avocado. It seems like most people only think avocado comes in sushi as sushi was the vast majority of the pictures I found. I honestly have no problem with that because I love sushi! My local sushi place has a roll named after me that is avocado, tempura yam fries, and teriyaki chicken and it is to die for. My favourite sushi of course is the kind that is edible, but this piece made of felt by Adriana McGrew (DA's Darkbutterfly137) is a close second.

February 17, 2013

Black Suit Business Card - Es32

Black Suit Business Card
I just watched Men in Black 3, and it warmed my heart (though that may have been the whole bar of Toblerone that I ate clogging up my arteries). The series has always been great, with wonderfully timed comedy and superb acting, but an oft overlooked part is the black suits. People notice them but they don't really notice them; how well tailored they are and the quality of fabric. Looking your best is important and useful, as Jarod (DA's Es32) shows us here on his business card design. A business card often has to represent you when you're not there in person, so if you wear a suit, your business card should too!

February 15, 2013

Walk of Shame - Ameralie

Walk of Shame
Welcome to Walk of Shame day everyone! It's the day after Valentine's Day, where you were lonely and desperate and made overly aware of your single-ness by mass media. Some of, myself included, prefer being single and revel in it, but there are many people who just can't handle the pressure and stigma. So when that stranger from last week sends you a text: "Hey." you answer eagerly and before you know it, it's the next morning and you're walking home in your party outfit from last night, covering your hungover eyes from the bright sun. The best I can do is tell you that you're not alone; at the very least you're sharing the experience with the model in Sandra Luks (DA's Ameralie)'s photo above.

February 14, 2013

Happy White Valentine's Day - Accuracy0

Happy White Valentine's Day
Today is actual regular Valentine's Day, so happy that day to everyone! I'd like to point out an interesting tradition in Japan and some other Asian countries called White Day. There, Valentine's Day is about giving gifts to the men in your life. White Day is one month later, and is about giving gifts to the women in your life (at usually 2-3 times the cost, of course). I think it's a great idea because it can be agonizing trying to guess what your girlfriend wants for Valentine's Day - which is sometimes nothing at all; this way she has to give you some idea as well as a month to prepare to reciprocate, like Nic Goh (DA's Accuracy0) did here. There is also Black Day, one month after White Day, where single people are supposed to "drown" their sorrows in noodles with a dark sauce.

February 13, 2013

Skyrim Fanservice Valentine Ralof - Arvanah-Modray

Skyrim Fanservice Valentine Ralof
So, it's one more day until Valentine's Day. As you'll see in tomorrow's post, Valentine's Day is all about giving gifts to that special guy in your life and he's supposed to reciprocate one month later. To get all the ladies in the mood for tomorrow I present them with this card by Angela Boisselle (DA's Arvanah-Modray). It's in everyone's best interest! You get excited, you get your guy excited, then he pays you back too; it makes the world go round. And maybe even the world of Skyrim, where Ralof is from. One of his quotes "Have you always been that ugly?"is surely the inspiration for this piece.

February 12, 2013

Butterflies - Kimsmile

The above picture is a piece of fractal art made with Apophysis. Apophysis is a fractal flame editor, and it is open source and free, so you can go try it now! A fractal is a little harder to explain (there is some advanced math that even good mathematicians struggle with) but in simpler terms, you can zoom in on it and see the same patterns at different magnifications. The real beauty in a lot of fractal art is in being able to zoom deeply in and see all the different levels, but I think Mariana (DA's Kimsmile) has found a different way to make it beautiful.

February 11, 2013

Black Cat - Dandonfuga

Black Cat

They say you learn something new every day. And since this blog is updated daily, you may as well learn your new thing here. What I learned, and am passing on to you, is that Black Cat (drawn here by DA's Dandonfuga) and Catwoman are not the same. I'd never even heard of Black Cat before, despite being a professed Spiderman fan, and instantly thought she was a copycat (ha.) of Catwoman since I knew of her from the movies. According to some spotty sources though, Black Cat was around first - and more importantly she is much cuter and way cooler with that white hair.

February 10, 2013

Sketchbot 2 - Fightpunch

Sketchbot 2
Not to be confused with the original Sketchbot, this is Sketchbot 2, by Darren Bartley (DA's Fightpunch). The first sketchbot looks to me, and others, more like a regular man or maybe an astronaut but still human. This front-on perspective makes it clearer that we are looking at a robot based on the round floating head. The arm isn't as obvious a give-away because it looks more like a prosthesis; attached at the back like it is. The character has regular arms going into its pockets which are probably robotic too but no one knows for sure except Darren.

February 09, 2013

Transhumanism - MichaelBroussard

The 3rd annual Streamy Awards are upon us! Click that link and you can vote for the people's choice awards on the left. I was browsing the list this morning and remembered that I should go watch H+ The Digital Series; it's been nominated for best action or sci-fi series. I just spent most of the morning and afternoon watching all 48 episodes of the first season and it was pretty fantastic. I don't want to delve too much into Transhumanism (though I'd bet I won't be able to help myself) because it's the sort of thing that, if you're interested in it you already know about it and if you're not interested you're probably against it, at least as a natural, first, response.

February 08, 2013

Ice Planet 2002 - Tekka-Croe

Ice Planet 2002
Short pre-description today, I want to add a second picture after the jump without giving anything away. See if you can figure out where the inspiration came from for this picture. No googling the title!

February 07, 2013

Blinded - ElexJoan

This week is White Cane Week. It was quite the shame that I couldn't find out more about it, considering it is supposed to be an awareness for blind people - who use the canes to get around, visibly white so other people can tell at a glance that they are blind and adjust their actions accordingly. Blindness is properly an artist's worst fear. Any other disease could be overcome to still create and appreciate art (although Braille Art is a thing, it lacks the color and vibrancy of other art forms). ElexJoan (DA: ElexJoan) created this piece and she quotes Gandhi in saying "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." Many people around the world are already blind and hopefully this week we can pay more attention to that.

February 06, 2013

Mind Geek - Maddiepia

Mind Geek
Once upon a time I was on the Youtubes when I came across a sponsored ad. Generally these are for things like exercise programs or language schools or other pretty lame stuff. The screencap of the video was a pretty adorable redhead so I clicked it. I watched one video and didn't really like the documentary style but the girl was cute so I tried a second one. Then a third one, and now I'm addicted to the entity that calls herself either Meekakitty, Tessa Violet, or Mind Geek like in this picture by Andrea Hammer (DA's Maddiepia). Meekakitty makes some pep-talk kind of videos and my favourite, music promo videos. Andrea does traditional drawings from all kinds of places

February 05, 2013


Just a little information post. I do this site for a few reasons, mainly to give advice and notoriety to artists who could use the boost. I also do it because I find it is good observation practice for every day life, and writing practice for my own endeavors. Lastly, I'd also love to make a profit on it. It's the last thought on my mind but, in all work you do, a capitalist mind like mine will always be looking for a way to make money. I don't want to spam advertisements, or force advertisements on anyone. I also don't want to have any sort of subscription fee - I think that would just prevent a lot of people from viewing the site and harm the artists who might otherwise get new viewers. So...

Hidden Kingdoms - ShutterBug97

Hidden Kingdoms
Today's piece is a special one. It's creator, Azrael Cosgrove (DA's ShutterBug97) is an awesome person. Not only does she have one of the singularly coolest names in existence and her photographs are all magically weird, but she's also the only person I've ever come across on DA to offer her prints for free - no strings attached. None of this "watch/comment/beg me, for a chance to win a print" sort of stuff, just outright giving. She was only doing it for a short time but I managed to grab one, this very picture you see above. A printed copy is sitting on my desk right now and it looks just as good or better.

February 04, 2013

Elektra - OnlyMilo

So, it turns out that this was actually done from scratch and doesn't have a photograph as a base; which is awesome news for the picture but ruins the point I was going to make, but I'm going to make it anyway. I once did a photo like this, and added illustration over top. I even had a dark/morbid phrase spoken by the beautiful lady. My work was nowhere near the quality of this piece, by Ruiz Burgos (DA's OnlyMilo) though you'd never know. That's because I never got a photo release signed by the model. She was a friend of mine, and we'd done work together before, but she decided she didn't like the style and there was nothing I could do publish it despite putting all the work in already. So that's my warning for all you artists out there: Always get a signed release!

February 03, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Poster - DiamondDesignHD

Super Bowl XLVII Poster
Alright, I lied, there is one more poster for Poster Week! You get a bonus poster because Sunday is a special day. In case you didn't know (I actually didn't until a few days ago), today is the Super Bowl! That means a lot of nachos and beer, and advertisements that your friends will be talking about non-stop for a week and then never again. To be honest, the only football I really know is the beautiful game, or soccer to everyone in the Americas and to no one else anywhere. I chose this poster over one of Keith Turner (DA's DiamondDesignHD)'s other posters because this one was more informative and would be more helpful to readers who might be like me and have little knowledge of what's actually happening today.

February 02, 2013

Zeus Art Deco - Rodolforever

Zeus Art Deco
Today is the last day of Poster Week! If you missed any of them you can check them out here:
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and of course today, Saturday. I hope you all enjoyed reading my reviews and viewing these pieces as much as I did. Today's piece, the capstone of Poster Week, is titled Zeus Art Deco and it is by Rodolfo Reyes (DA's Rodolforever) and it's one of a series of posters including Aphrodite for February and The Minotaur for March, all done in the same Art Deco style. What is Art Deco? Well, let me tell you...

February 01, 2013

House Targaryen, Liquid Soul Design

House Targaryen
I've totally thrown my fan-art rule out the window this week, so I may as well go full force and mention my favourite show on TV, Game of Thrones. And I'll see if I can't totally incite fan-fever by stating that my favourite character so far is Ygritte. Those beautiful freckles and her tomboyish make me wild. But before I knew she existed (I refuse to read the books; the actors are so good in the show) my favourite character was Daenerys of the House Targaryen (picture above) for pretty much the same reasons: beautiful and strong. This poster above is by Tom Gateley (DA's LiquidSoulDesign). If you don't read any further, go look at his gallery. If you like posters at all, you owe it to yourself.