February 17, 2013

Black Suit Business Card - Es32

Black Suit Business Card
I just watched Men in Black 3, and it warmed my heart (though that may have been the whole bar of Toblerone that I ate clogging up my arteries). The series has always been great, with wonderfully timed comedy and superb acting, but an oft overlooked part is the black suits. People notice them but they don't really notice them; how well tailored they are and the quality of fabric. Looking your best is important and useful, as Jarod (DA's Es32) shows us here on his business card design. A business card often has to represent you when you're not there in person, so if you wear a suit, your business card should too!

I like the display here but, as far as I can find out, that is mostly the work of a template from Pixeden. If it's not, then I also compliment Jarod on the display. Otherwise, my favourite thing here is the design. Creating business cards is an exercise in balance: many cards either don't use all the space, or try to cram everything onto the card. The real suit part of this design only takes up less than half of the card and the information is succinct and neatly spread out along the card. The suit itself is also well designed with simple shapes and patterns so that it doesn't distract from the real important thing, the contact information.

I don't like the high gloss on the card. There are all sorts of gloss options for cards (the same as for paint at a hardware store) but it basically comes down to "flat" or "shiny". Shiny cards are often reserved for creative professionals (my own card is shiny) such as artists and web designers. Flat cards look more professional for lawyers and accountants. A professional like that doesn't want flash, they want to show that they smart and hardworking. You could make a case that the gloss fits the stylish suit but then this card would be for young professionals only.

Overall I give this piece a 5. I think ultimately the issue of gloss is in the hands of the customer when they purchase the card, and it's only partly the responsibility of the artist to guide them to the proper style. As far as art goes, the gloss makes the piece more eye-catching which is always a positive.

Jarod is a designer from New Zealand. The last while he's been doing more business cards than other kinds of art which I think is good; he's got a knack for cards. His gallery is full of high interest, high attention cards and if you're even slightly interested in getting business cards I suggest you check him out as they are all for sale. Cards are a great way to look professional and they're generally quite inexpensive too!

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful and detailed review of my Black Suit Business Card design.

    You are correct, the mock up for the design is from pixeden. I used it to showcase the design properly. The gloss is part of the mock up. However the card is available on different paper types matte or gloss.


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