February 26, 2013

Bubbles Pop - Midori137

Bubbles Pop
So pretty. This surreal art is by Elizabeth Indoy (DA's Midori137). All I did was search for bubbles one day, and - after wading through a thousand photographs of a single blown bubble against a grassy background - this one came along. It's a watercolor painting. For those of you who don't know, or didn't remember like me, a watercolor has to be on a special kind of paper to prevent it from warping. And the special paper isn't enough, you also have to stretch it out a bit too. It makes sense if you've ever dropped a bit of water on a piece of paper and watched it crinkle up, but it's just one of those considerations you should know if you're going to be doing a certain kind of art.

I like the mixture of styles here. I believe the whole paper has been painted once with a darker beige tone. There's a combination of poster paint and watercolor making up the swirls and the character herself looks to be mostly done in pencils. The bubbles almost look like they are done with wax as they're not picking up the texture of watercolor paper. There's no mention of wax so I'm just going to say that the artist has some great talent in getting those bubbles to look so bubbly.

I would've preferred a little more definition between the girl and her surroundings, either in the form of outlines or some more color change. At first I thought she was wearing a dress until I found her legs (which also looks like quite a strange pose but I've been harping on anatomy a lot lately and I'm not personally very good at it - such a hypocrite!), and then the rock blends in smoothly with the sand below. The picture would've been stronger if only the girl and the bubbles were the same color; that would signify they were coming from her and illustrate the story better.

Overall I give this piece a 4. The longer you look at it, the more a narrative grows in your head about what this girl is doing underwater. A little more work could be done to cement that idea; unless you're taking the time to understand a piece of art it can be too easy to gloss over it and go to the next one. The different styles here work well and I also enjoyed the border; watercolor is a thing that people often play at but never get good with and I think staying within the confines of a border shows some artistic restraint.

Elizabeth is a young artist from the Philippines. She does a lot of watercolor, and she does it well, all available in her gallery. If you've got the points, you can buy bigger versions of her pieces (others you can just see for free!) which I suggest because it's very interesting to see the texture in a watercolor up close and personal.

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