February 04, 2013

Elektra - OnlyMilo

So, it turns out that this was actually done from scratch and doesn't have a photograph as a base; which is awesome news for the picture but ruins the point I was going to make, but I'm going to make it anyway. I once did a photo like this, and added illustration over top. I even had a dark/morbid phrase spoken by the beautiful lady. My work was nowhere near the quality of this piece, by Ruiz Burgos (DA's OnlyMilo) though you'd never know. That's because I never got a photo release signed by the model. She was a friend of mine, and we'd done work together before, but she decided she didn't like the style and there was nothing I could do publish it despite putting all the work in already. So that's my warning for all you artists out there: Always get a signed release!

I love the illustrative parts of this photo, particularly the scarf and the hair, and how they contrast to the finished brush look of the woman. It's that mix of style that tricked me into thinking this was a photo that had been drawn on. Because the scarf is so obviously not realistic, it makes the woman look more realistic because of the juxtaposition. The blood on the face adds to this contrast-realism and overall the picture is so much more interesting than if it was all in one style.

I wish she looked more malicious. Or calm; just not both. The phrase "I'll kill you" is very strong and it can be said in only one of two ways. One, she'll kill you for interfering and she would be angry at you for doing so. Or two, she'll kill you because she can, without a second though, in which case she's a cold-hearted killer and would be completely calm. In fact I think the second interpretation is more accurate, based on the punctuation of the sentence. If that was the artist's intent, I think she should look more indifferent.

Overall I give this piece a 4. I critiqued the personality of the character because I thought it was the most interesting part, however there are also small issues in the anatomy around the face and I also would've liked to see a more detailed background. The mixture of two different styles is done really well, and I'd love to see Ruiz do this illustrative style over top of a traditional photograph.

Ruiz is a Spaniard who has been on DA for half a decade now. A fair bit of his gallery is fan art but I prefer his original pieces. He has a blog where he posts things like the "making of" for this picture, (Spanish break!) and he has Twitter and a Facebook too, so you can follow him in whatever way you please!

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