March 29, 2013

42 - Wintenso

So, my number of pageviews has dropped lately and it's also really been fluctuating... except for the last three days in a row it has been the same number each day (no bonus points for guessing what the number is). It looks like Deep Thought has had a hand in my stats. It also probably played a part in this creation by Jonas Pfeiffer (DA's Wintenso). 

I loved the 80's throwback in color choice. I haven't seen such a wonderfully horrendous mix of teal, hot pink, and burnt orange since those old disposable coffee cups. I also really enjoyed the layers, like in yesterday's yolo post. There's a book underneath, then tape was applied and then the colors splashed on. Remove the tape layer and you get your original layer back, in the outline of the tape - like a weird kind of emboss.

I just wish the layers were played to more. The bottom layer of text is very strict while the layer of paint is just splashed at random. The 42 has elements of both (the tape has straight edges but torn ends) but I think the piece would've been stronger if it was entirely rigid: so the ends of the tape were cut with scissors, and spots like the rightmost crook of the 2 were totally covered in paint first. It would create a more striking contrast against the paint.

Overall, I give this piece a 4.2, because really what other choice did I have? The colors are excellently ugly in both tone and the way they were applied. The tape I mostly good, I just would have preferred it smoother, and maybe in line with the text as well.

Jonas is a German (not an American, so he can't be a long lost Jonas brother). Aside from his art on DA, he does a lot of film and animation. A fair bit of it is in German but some of the pieces have no words at all, like the wonderful Paper Love Story. It's really just a minute of your time and it's super cute so take a look.

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