March 28, 2013

Fail EPICLY - DoubtingSalmon

If you're going to fail - and you are - fail epicly! That's what I think, and DoubtingSalmon (DA: DoubtingSalmon) thinks so too (as do Erebus-Odora and Samuel Beckett). I lamented yesterday about the challenges of working in three dimensions when making art but I don't think I explained much about the benefits that depth gives to a piece, in making it feel real.

I enjoyed the overlapping feathers here. There are a few parts that have the same effect but I think the feathers show it off the most, and that is the layers. The feathers are on top of each other, the eyes are on top of the body, the letters are on top of the paper. Any of those things could have easily been flatter even just by accident, but the artist has done well to show them off. I also like the layer of paper at the bottom that goes around the owl, placing it not at the back but at the center of the layers.

I would have changed the wisps; where the paper ends. The link above to Erebus-Odora is to the original image, and in this version the artist has changed a number of things but stayed true to the wisps. They look too thin compared to the width of the rest of the paper, and some of them are bent to achieve the 3d look instead of layered like the rest of the work.

Overall I give this piece a 4. The artist has come across a very unique style and even though the original inspiration is copied they have done a good job to make it their own. There are just a few small issues which is to be expected anyways since this isn't a very popular style - in the sense that not a lot of people are doing it, so there aren't a lot of examples to learn from.

DoubtingSalmon is a woman from the United States. I couldn't find out much more about her but the most interesting thing I did find, and that you all should see, is her gallery full of other 3d layered works like this one!

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