March 27, 2013

Leather Butterfly iPhone/iTouch Case - SpiritOfTheDragon

Leather Butterfly iPhone/iTouch Case
I found another leather-worker! The first one had wild masks that, while cool, weren't very practical unless you were cosplaying, which is a time when everyone is wearing crazy stuff so yours won't stand out that much. This piece, by Jo (DA's SpiritOfTheDragon) is meant to be used and shown off in a usual day-to-day setting where it is more likely to be noticed and appreciated.

I love all sorts of things about the butterfly. The colors must be something other than leather to get that vibrancy but they fit the design very well. The curves in the outline and the shapes inside are all smooth and have great flow. I also really like how it is in-set; the top looks to be above the leather or at least in line with it while the bottom half is clearly underneath. I don't know if it's a trick of the leather or of the photograph but it's neat.

I'm not a leather-worker, but I would've liked to see the rivets along the outer edge machine-punched. Done by hand they give off a rustic vibe that fits with the leather but in contrast to the sleek iPhone it feels a little sloppy. From a more artistic perspective, I didn't like the body of the butterfly. The perfectly round head and thin antennae seemed childish and rushed compared to the amazing quality in the wings.

Overall I give this piece a 3. I've never worked with leather so I don't know the limitations but I have sympathy for anyone who does - I certainly struggle with most physical projects. The wings, as well as the inside cover and clasp, are gorgeous and whoever bought it (it was for sale but isn't anymore) is definitely lucky.

Jo is an artist from the UK. She does leather, and photography, and photo manipulations, and is basically just an overall wonderful fantasy geek.

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