April 02, 2013

Aqualiurtus - Lunarieen

It's over 9000! The pageviews on this website, that is. I looked for a short while to find a piece that would fit that obvious reference, but I mostly got very poor and rushed fan art. Instead, I delved into my list of future reviews for some jewellery. I have a special section of pieces I would want to own; pieces that go beyond being artistic and onto something you want to show off to others. This piece, by Kasia Mielnik (DA's Lunarieen) is one of those pieces.

The most important piece, in my decision to own one of these, is the metal around the gem (a topaz, my semi-technical birthstone). The spikes to the side bend like a deer's antlers and actually look quite soft (read: not sharp) which is important for jewellery. The piece at the end might be another issue but parts that point down aren't usually an issue depending on the curvature of your chest. All of the details and metalwork are superb; so much so that at first I thought maybe they were purchased elsewhere but the price on Etsy proved otherwise.

A few small issues: the style of metalwork is very masculine and silver is traditionally a woman's color. It's also good for young/modern men and I personally prefer silver,  but the price range seems to be aiming at men a bit older. The picture is also just a tiny bit out of focus. It's almost not noticeable in the front but is clear in the back; that's natural depth of focus but the depth is very narrow, meaning only a very small portion of the piece is in focus.

Overall I give the piece a 5. The photography isn't really part of the art in this piece although I'm a firm believer that display is a huge portion of your ability to sell a physical piece like jewellery or handbags or etc. I want it, bad, and one day I may treat myself to it, if one of you lovely reader's doesn't pick it up (for me?) first.

Kasia is an artist out of Poland. All her pieces are available on Etsy, but they go fast and not all of the pieces are up. The average price is about $220 Canadian, which is reflective of the incredible work gone into the precision metal-crafting. She's also on Facebook so you could try sharing her page and giving a not-so-subtle hint to your friends and family!

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