April 01, 2013

Last Drill Bit Knife - Logan-Pearce

Last Drill Bit Knife
It's Easter Monday (and April Fool's day!) and normally I'd take the holiday to do something holiday themed. I spent my holiday weekend running statistics and doing inventory for a restaurant so I'm not exactly in the spirit this year. I figure I'd buck the trend here too and just do whatever I wanted! I was lucky enough to find another crafter, Logan Pearce (DA: Logan-Pearce), and an excellent one at that. Most crafters on DA are first generation, but Logan is third. He takes years of tradition and combines it with the great creativity of youth to come up with knives like this one, from a series called Remnants where the knives are made out of previously smithed objects (in this case a drill bit).

I've already touched on my two favourite things here, but here's a little more in-depth. I'm very impressed with the skill here, to get the blade so smooth after starting from a twisted and pre-forged object. I also like the creativity that spawned such an idea, to work with other objects and leave enough of them in the final product so you can still tell what it used to be. And ultimately, in Logan's own words, "I freakin' love the way it looks."

The only thing I didn't like was his mark. It looks handmade but not in a good way. From looking at the other knives, it's evident that the mark is from a stamp because the flaws, on the E's, are the same. When he's put so much effort into the overall craftsmanship, it's a shame to see it finished so hastily. Another thing I would mention would be to put another object in the photo, to give a size reference. I imagine most kukri knives to be large (bigger than a kitchen knife at least) but if this is made from a drill bit it can't be that big.

Overall I give this piece a 4. Originality always scores high points. It's (relatively) easy to copy another style - that's how we get viral videos like the Harlem Shake - but it's another thing entirely to come up with your own ideas. In more recent knives Logan has used a different mark and it's much better; it's just not on this one in particular.

Logan is a knifemaker and aspiring bladesmith out of the United States. He has his own website where he sells knives similar to this from his grandfather's style and his own knives as well. Also be sure to click on the link below the image up top there, to see the other knives in the Remnant series!

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