My name is Colton Hornstein. I'm primarily an author but I'm slowly trying my hand at other art forms as well. With drawing especially I'm more of a fan than a practitioner. I've been doing literature reviews since my early days at high school. Everyone always loved them because I had a way of speaking my mind without coming across as mean-spirited. Most people (at least in face to face settings) only give positive reviews: "I liked such and such character" or similar things. I did that but also pointed out things I would've changed. That balance of positive and negative is important; reviewing a piece of art is similar to rearing a child, you need to nurture and reprimand in equal parts.

I'm 23 years old. I finished my diploma in Business Administration while I was still technically a teenager. I spent the next few years being quite sick. When I recovered, I drew up a business plan for a storage business on the property that one of my contacts owned. He and his partners liked the idea. They asked who I would suggest for the on-site manager; though I hadn't thought that much about it, I suggested myself and they readily agreed. I now spend my days in the office: overseeing renovation, managing storage customers, and doing advertising. In my free time (sometimes at work, sh...) I run this website. I also design websites and advertisements, write for a webcomic and a couple other series, and run statistics and math for fun.

I decided to start DARevu because of a trend I'd noticed on Deviantart. As I see it there are roughly three groups of artists on that site: those just starting out who still need to learn the basics, those who make their living off the site and are very well known, and the third group who have skill and original ideas but for some reasons they aren't popular yet. The reasons are usually lack of recognition, or lack of production. Here, I try to give them some helpful hints on what work to keep doing, hopefully as an inspiration as well as a way to improve. You, my readers, can help give them the recognition!

My own website is at www.coltonhornstein.com and of course this site is darevu.com. My own Deviantart is http://ommin202.deviantart.com/.

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