As of writing this, I maintain this website for the sole purpose of getting good advice and exposure to the wonderful unknown artists of DA. I have grandiose ideas of hiring other writers, and maybe doing youtube or vimeo or other sites, or maybe transforming this into a site to review work from all of them, but for the time being that's not an option. Not only because it's just beginning but also because the only revenue comes from ad clicks, of which there have been a grand total of 2.

But the money isn't why I'm doing this; I'm doing this for the art! Which is why I'd ask for art, if you'd like to support me. My wishlist is pretty simple, it comes from either of two places:
  • Any piece I rate as a "5" here is something I'd want to own personally. If the artist has it available as a print or magnet or a high-def version for points, I'm interested in it! To see all the "5" ratings, click it on the right-hand side of any page.
  • Any artist on here who does commissions. I work with a friend, (ItsMikuru on DA) on a number of projects, as well as having a bunch of my own short stories. If you wanted to convince any artist here to do a commission of my work or hers, it would be of great joy to me and great benefit for them.
Thanks for reading, and for your future-gift if future-you gets one for future-me!

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