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If you'd like to have your work reviewed, please send an e-mail to colton.hornstein [at]gmail [dot]com with the following information:

  1. Your name or username, whichever you'd prefer to be used here,
  2. Some basic info you want others to know about you,
  3. Links to at least three pieces you'd like reviewed,
  4. Your favourite DA artist, or one you want me to suggest to my readers.

Also be ready for a follow-up e-mail where you will be asked for:

  1. A brief description of why you made the piece I chose to review,
  2. How you made it (materials, software, and/or hardware).
  3. What your inspiration was. 

I am partial to signed prints or copies of your work, etc., but ultimately the choice of who to review and which piece to review is based on if:
  • You are an amateur artist (generally without a Daily Deviation and/or less than 100k profile page views but not necessarily)
  • You are willing to check out other artists on this review site, and share this site with people who might like it or find it useful
  • I can find a piece that really captures my eye through beauty or interest
  • I have a good balance of positive and negative things to say about the piece
  • I prefer original characters, and I try not to do fan art if at all possible. 

Notice: I don't think I need to specify this, but just in case: making or sending me a piece of art only guarantees that I will review your work, not that I will give you a perfect review with no criticisms whatsoever.

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