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Jesse Ruben - Tumblr - A musician from NY who came to my town as part of a project with the school district here. He loved it and thinks it's the best place he's been and really, we hear that a lot from performers and out-of-towners. I thought he was pretty great too, he has incredible stage presence and tells great stories in between his songs (which are great too, of course)

Airuko - DA / Tumblr - draws cute and cool League of Legends fan art and gives away products on her blog.

Lainy -  DA / Blog - a talented and charity-focused charcoal and chalk artist.

Slyvanie - DA / Tumblr / Blog - an artist with a really unique style; we collaborated on this piece.

Captain Capitalism - Blog - unrelated to all this art business and would probably actually disdain this site, but I like his realism. He speaks about the decline of the U.S. economy and society, what you can do about it, and a lot of stuff that is summed up as "Red Pill" on the internet which basically means harsh truth. At first you'll probably be offended, but keep reading for a while and you'll start to see what he talks about in everyday life.

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